We offer a variety of free services to help you achieve above market returns in today’s uncertain markets. Each one of these services alone would normally cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but we make all of them available to our clients completely free of charge. Our mentality is simple and transparent: If you are happilytrading profitably you will continue to trade and generate brokerage revenue for us year after year – it is a win win.

Signing up for a trading account is completely free. Simply send an email to requesting an account. Once your account is established you will have each of the services below available at your fingertips:


Market Sector Analysis

Don’t get caught holding a stock in a sector that is likely to under-perform. Why fight a rising tide when you can get pulled along with it? Our research team will ensure you are equipped with in depth reports showing you which sectors are booming and those to avoid. The easiest money comes when you are on the best performing stock in the best performing sector – why make it any harder for yourself?


ASX Technical Analysis

Correctly timing your stock entries and exits can mean the difference between making great profits and only average profits. Similarly, you can avoid large losses by paying close attention to signals in price action that appear long before any bad news is announced to the market. Correct use of technical analysis allows you to pre-empt big moves to the upside and downside and in turn position yourself accordingly. Our chartists are generating buy and sell recommendations on a daily basis and making them available to you completely free of charge.


Algorithmic Trading

Some of the worlds largest fund managers and hedge funds are opting for a more quantitative approach to trading the markets – so why shouldn’t you? Our fully automated quantitative models have been backtested over the past 10 years and have shown to perform exceptionally well in both rising and falling markets. If you want to rid yourself of the emotion and decision making burden that comes with trading, why not allocate some funds to our backtested trade alerts.


Daily Market Update Reports

Not everyone has the time or resources to digest the plethora of information that comes to us from the global financial markets – but we do! Our morning reports summarise the important events in offshore markets and consolidate any relevant information to consider for the upcoming trading day. In the afternoon we release another report re-capping the important events of the day’s trade. Best of all, we do all the work for you and email it to you twice a day so that you never miss a beat.


Portfolio Monitoring

Portfolio management is a full time endeavour and keeping abreast of the daily changes in your holdings can be a cumbersome task. Whether it be digesting stock specific news flow, recommending optimal overweight and underweight sectors, or switching from under-performing to outperforming stocks, our portfolio management service ensures that you can rest easy knowing that someone is watching over your holdings every minute of every trading day. Like all of the other services listed here, our portfolio management service is provided to you by Kostas Zanios completely free of charge if you open a trading account with BBY Limited today.


ASX Trading Software

Fast and comprehensive market access is essential for any trader or investor. Our market leading stock trading platform allows you to trade equities and CFDs on nearly every exchange in the world from nearly anywhere in the world. You can access the platform via your computer or mobile phone, or alternatively you can call in orders to our operators day and night. You never need to worry about being out of touch with the market again. Better yet, as a client of Kostas Zanios at BBY Limited, we will ensure that you receive a highly competitive brokerage rate in order to maximise your trading profits and overall investment returns.


Portfolio Hedging

Picking the right stocks for your portfolio is only half the battle. One of the most neglected areas in portfolio management is the mitigation of downside risks. This is easily and inexpensively done via the use of derivative instruments such as options and warrants and can mean the difference between making a profit or a loss in a falling market. Professional fund managers apply downside insurance as a regular part of managing their portfolios, and so can you.