About Beat the Market

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Beat the Market is an online one-stop-shop aimed at providing you with a variety of professional stock market services to help you achieve superior stock market returns.

Our services include:

  • Stock Specific Research Reports
  • Australian Sector Analysis
  • Stock Specific Technical Analysis
  • Backtested Trade Alerts
  • Daily Market Update Reports
  • Portfolio Monitoring Services
  • Award Winning Stock Trading Platform
  • Portfolio Insurance

Best of all, the above mentioned services are all available to you free of charge. We simply apply a competetive brokerage rate when you buy and sell stocks on the award willing stock trading platform. We pride ourselves on being 100% transparent and honest at all times. The more profitable we enable you to be, the longer you will trade and the more brokerage we will receive in the long run – this is a win/win situation.

If you would like take advantage of all the free services we offer, please request a free broking account by emailing us at support@beatthemarket.com.au.

The principle manager of BeatTheMarket.com.au is Kostas Zanios.  Kostas is a private client advisor and Authorised Representative of SmarTrader Limited (ABN 37 115 752 102) (AFS License No 295 337)(SmarTrader).  SmarTrader is part of the BBY Group.  BBY Limited (ABN 80 006 707 777) (AFS License No 238 095) (BBY) is a Participant of the Australian Stock Exchange Group.  

With more than 14 years experience trading financial markets, Kostas has decided to direct his efforts to providing a simple and easy to follow process which enables people to take control of their investments and achieve superior market returns without the stress and hassle commonly associated with stock market investment.

By utilising one or more of the free services on offer, you will also be afforded regular contact with Kostas via phone, email or even in person. This means that you can access his breadth of experience for queries relating to your portfolio and the overall market anytime during regular office hours.

Click here to view an entire list of available services.

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